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Top Emerging Trends in the Cannabis Industry in 2019


So how will 2019 unfold for the cannabis industry? Will it be better than the year gone by or will the next 12 months prove to be worse? Irrespective of the outcome, 2019 may open a lot of new interesting chapters for the cannabis industry. However, we won’t be doing any justice to our readers if we don’t list out the top possible outcomes of the Cannabis industry in 2019.


Here are the top 5 emerging trends and predictions for the cannabis industry in 2019.

The industry will boom to a new high: Our first prediction is that 2019 will not turn out to be a dull year for the industry. Considering the immense demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products, the cannabis Industry is expected to experience a boom in 2019. This growth may even lead to more U.S. states and countries enacting friendlier marijuana laws.

A survey conducted Grand View Research noted that the global legal marijuana market is expected to touch whopping USD $146.4 billion over the next six years.

Cannabis education will grow: This year can very well turn out be an era of myth-breaking for the legal marijuana industry.  There is a growing trend among people to increase their awareness about cannabis. This has been triggered by the growing popularity of CBD oil and also calls for the legalization of cannabis. Various states in the U.S. are showing interest in legalizing cannabis to pave the way for more research, which will subsequently help in propelling growth cannabis industry.    

All said and done, education about cannabis will help to break the myths and misconceptions about this plant.   

Cannabis may become used in other industries: The medicinal benefits of cannabis means that it may increasingly become used in the health and cosmetic industry. In 2019, the use of cannabis in other industries will increase as many well-known companies are likely to open up. In fact, there are reports that healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson has already forged deals with cannabis firms to create medical marijuana products.

Cannabis will give a tough fight to alcohol: 2019 may turn out to be a critical year for the cannabis vs. alcohol battle, with the former likely to make a decisive push towards establishing supremacy. Experts have already predicted that cannabis will most certainly replace alcohol in the coming years. This has been somewhat validated by recent surveys which claim that alcohol is witnessing a steady decline especially in states in the U.S. where marijuana is legal. However, it is wrong to presume that people will stop drinking alcohol completely.    

There will be more research into cannabis: The growing acceptance of cannabis will pave the way for more research into this plant. CBD is currently of great interest for researchers. Despite the popularity of CBD, there is still a need for more studies into the potential of CBD to prevent fatal diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

Who knows, 2019 may turn out to be the year for cannabis.