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How to Choose the Best CBD E-Liquid for Vaping


If you are relatively new to CBD, choosing the best CBD e-liquid can be a daunting task. There are scores of CBD e-liquids on the market. In this article, we’ll look at everything that you need to know to choose the best CBD e-liquid to make the task a lot easier.

CBD e-liquid must be homogeneous:  

Lack of homogeneity is one issue that plagues the CBD vape juice market. Most CBD vape juice blends are not well mixed, and this can affect its taste and flavor.  The lack of homogeneity also increases lead to uneven CBD dosages, which can affect your vaping experience.     

The homogeneity issue is mainly due to the difficulty of CBD mixing with the other ingredients in e-liquids. Many CBD vape companies have failed at this. However, some have succeeded at this. As a result, some CBD e-liquids are way better than others.    

There are a few brands that have earned a reputation for making exceptional CBD e-liquids.

It is not bad for CBD e-liquids to be clear:    

It should not raise a red flag if you spot a CBD vape juice that appears clear. But this is not a rule. Sometimes, the flavorings in e-liquids can make it a bit cloudy. Also, before you leave e-liquids to steep, they tend to be clear.

Check the list of ingredients: 

It is always better to be a wise consumer than a naive one. This is especially the case when you are buying a vape juice from a brand that you’re unsure about. In the case of CBD vape juice, it is important to check the level of CBD in the blend.     

On an average, the level of CBD in a CBD e-liquid should not be more than 3% to 5% and THC not more than 0.03%. If you find a company claiming to make e-liquids that contain more CBD or THC, they may be attempting to fool customers.

Is the vape juice made with organic CBD:

It is always better to buy CBD e-liquid that is made with organic CBD oil. Organic CBD is bereft of the harmful chemicals, which can be found in their inorganic counterparts.

Most companies will attempt to boost sales by labelling their products as organic. This can make it difficult for customers to identify the authentic products from the fake ones. So, rather than blindly trusting the claims of companies, it is wise to verify these claims by checking out customer reviews.

Pricey can be good:

Customers are not thrilled with having to spend a lot on expensive products. But having to spend more on CBD vape juice may not be a bad thing. CBD vape liquids are generally expensive. This has a lot to do with the fact that extracting and sourcing CBD oil is a costly affair. Therefore, do not be tempted to buy low-priced CBD e-liquids.